About Us

The Olderpreneur Alliance CIC is a community interest company dedicated to supporting, training, encouraging, and advocating for, later-life entrepreneurs.

The company has two main areas of activity:

1. Mentoring, training and supporting new and aspiring olderpreneurs through our unique Later Creator programme. READ MORE

2. Research, campaigning and lobbying to promote awareness of, and action in support of, later-life entrepreneurs by governments, banks, business support organisations, and others. READ MORE

The Olderpreneur Alliance CIC is a social enterprise, set up with the intention that profits be diverted to a Foundation providing financial support to businesses founded by later-life entrepreneurs.

About Isabella Moore CBE

Isabella Moore CBE is the founder and a director of The Olderpreneur Alliance.

Isabella is the founder and a co-Director of COMTEC, a leading provider of translation services to exporters in the manufacturing, creative, e-learning and computer software industries.

She was the first female President of the British Chambers of Commerce and Vice-President of Eurochambres, the association of European Chambers of Commerce. She was also Chairman of the Confederation of West Midlands Chambers of Commerce and CEO of CILT, the National Centre for Languages.

Isabella has also worked widely in the area of women’s enterprise, including as Chair of the National Women’s Enterprise Panel and President of the Eurochambres Women’s Network.

I have had experience of all aspects of business lifecycle: start-ups; buying and selling several businesses; buying back a business; setting up a new business and see it fail; raising finance from banks and other sources; managing a large network of suppliers; designing and implementing quality standards; establishing competitive advantage in a mature industry; and establishing a family business which is now run by my daughter.

“Entrepreneurs don’t tend to fit into generic moulds and I am certainly no exception! My master’s thesis (would you believe it) was on 17/18th century church pulpits in Central Europe – not exactly the recipe for a budding entrepreneur! But it does help confirm my profound believe that entrepreneurship is an exciting possibility for many more people than ever realise it – and that includes the growing numbers of older people looking for ways to remain not just economically active but rewarded and fulfilled into later life.”

About Our Partners

In delivering the Later Creator® programme, The Olderpreneur Alliance works with key partners in the fields of business support, entrepreneurship and technology. 


myNexus ESI Challenge is a unique app-based entrepreneurial toolkit through which Later Creator ® participants can test themselves and track their progress. For more information on myNexus, CLICK HERE

The Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs

The Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs is the UK’s only dedicated learning institute providing recognition, accreditation and qualifications in enterprise learning. To find out more, CLICK HERE


A community-based enterprise support for rural businesses throughout Scotland, GrowBiz was founded in 2007 to help local people build businesses and enterprises for themselves. To read more, CLICK HERE

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