Welcome to The Olderpreneur Alliance
Welcome to The Olderpreneur Alliance

Welcome to The Olderpreneur Alliance, a social enterprise dedicated to supporting and championing the needs of older people setting up in business.

Whether you’ve always wanted to set up and run your own business or are coming to the idea for the very first time, The Olderpreneur Alliance has services, information and advice which can help set you on the path to success!

Olderpreneur simply refers to a person in later life engaging in (or, for our purposes, considering) entrepreneurial activity i.e. setting up and running a business. The business can be anything from a sole trading company to a multinational corporation (it does happen!), or anything in between. And as far as ‘older’ is concerned, while there is no official definition, we would suggest that in this context it is typically anyone of 50 years and older.

Older people come to entrepreneurship for many reasons and in many ways. Some want to implement a long-standing ambition to run their own business. Others may be looking for a new challenge in life when they spot a good business opportunity. Many are simply thinking about ways to supplement retirement income.

Research has demonstrated widespread dissatisfaction with existing support services and policies which simply don’t work for older entrepreneurs. Through research and advocacy, we lobby for a better understanding of the unique requirements of olderpreneurs. READ MORE

Working through the preincubation and incubation stages of new business development, our Later Creator® programme is tailored to meet your specific needs – from developing a positive mindset about business creation through to the practicalities of business structure, funding, and finding your first customers! READ MORE

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